Not really feelin this whole school college work until I die thing


Have you ever fallen in love like this? #TFIOS


If true love is blind, maybe you won’t mind the view?


99% of being a musical theatre fan is singing duets by yourself

make me choose: anonymous asked  legally blonde or bring it on

how am i supposed to believe a man, who doens’t believe in love? 

                i  s t i l l   d o . 

the next time your lips touch emma swan’s, all of her magic will be  t a k e n. everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone.
                  i  w o n’ t   d o   i t . i’ll tell her.
                       and she’ll d e f e a t you.


03x17 / jolly roger

So you could go crazy, or I could go crazy, it’s true.
Sometimes life is insane, but crazy I know I can do.
'Cause crazy is perfect and fucked-up is perfect.
Perfect for you.